Before & After:
My PhD Journey

8th Sep 2018 (Sat)   |   HKU Graduate House

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“Before & After: My PhD Journey” is the first Oxford and Cambridge students-led symposium designed to provide detailed insights for prospective graduate students on life during and after postgraduate studies. Featuring student researchers from a wide range of disciplines and representatives from both academia and industry, this symposium offers an opportunity to understand the journey of Hong Kong postgraduate scholars across different generations. As part of the symposium, we will be hosting panel discussions on the “Ups & Downs through Our Research Journey”, as well as funding and applications for postgraduates. This event will be held on the afternoon of 8th September 2018 (Saturday) at Wang Gungwu Lecture Theatre, HKU Graduate House.

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We are particularly delighted to be joined by our keynotes who have completed research at Oxbridge and have gone on to establish accomplished careers. We look forward to hearing their reflections on their journey through Oxbridge and how it has shaped their careers.

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Prof. Susanne CHOI Yuk Ping

Department of Sociology, CUHK

Susanne Choi Yuk Ping (DPhil in Sociology, Nuffield College, University of Oxford), is Professor at the Department of Sociology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was a Fulbright scholar at Harvard University in 2013. Her current research interests include migration, gender, family, sexuality, and service work. She has written extensively on issues such as migrant labour, cross-border marriages, spousal violence, health issues and violence against female sex workers, and domestic division of labour in Chinese societies. Her book Masculine Compromise ( co-authored with Peng Yinni and published by University of California Press) explores how men's rural to urban migration shapes gender and family dynamics in post-socialist China. In addition to her research, as a leading expert on gender and family issues in Chinese societies, Susanne has given interviews to local and international media including Mingpao, South China Morning Post, RTHK Radio, China News Service, China Radio International, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and the BBC. She has served as an appointed member of the HKSAR Equal Opportunities Commission since 2015.


Prof. Dominic CHAN Chi Bong

Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, CUHK

Dr. Dominic Chan founded Decisive Consulting Limited, a management consulting firm, and co-founded Dark Horse Investment that focuses on early stage technology investment. Worked as a consultant with the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Dominic was also the former co-CEO of a-connect (China), a professional consulting staffing firm and China general manager of (an EF Group company) providing online language training service. As a serial entrepreneur, he has been involved in technology companies in the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) application, integrated communication, mobile device applications, e-commerce solution and e-learning areas.

Dominic is a frequent speaker at conferences, business seminars and university lectures. He is also a corporate trainer, executive coach and visiting lecturer. He is the recipient of the Queen's Gold Medal for mathematics presented by Queen Elizabeth II. Dominic studied engineering at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, graduated with BA, MA and PhD (Digital Signal Processing) degrees. Dominic is the author of the book “My Cambridge Days”. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and speaks basic French and Japanese.

Dominic is also an Associate Professor in Practice, Dept of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, and the Associate Director, EMBA.


Meet our lineup of speakers who are currently pursuing or have completed research at Oxbridge.

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Sam CHAN Hau Sun

Oxford | Organic Chemistry

Sam is a final year DPhil candidate working with Prof. Jonathan Burton at University of Oxford. His current research interest lies in the applications of oxonium ion chemistry in total synthesis of natural products and elucidation of their biosynthetic pathways. Prior to his doctoral research, he worked with Prof. Pauline Chiu at the University of Hong Kong on synthetic methodologies and obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the same institution. If he had to pick the most important thing he has learnt during his research training, it would be to respect Nature. Besides working on his own project, Sam also enjoys collaborative work. He and his friends have recently won the 5th RSC/SCI National Retrosynthesis Competition in the United Kingdom.


Anthony CHEUNG Ka Lun

Oxford | Immunology

Anthony Cheung’s huge interest in immunology was inspired by his secondary school biology teachers. He studied Biochemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained his BSc and MPhil in 2010 and 2012 respectively. To further explore the fascinating world of immunology, he pursued his research on the pathogenesis of psoriasis at the University of Oxford, and obtained his DPhil in Medical Sciences in 2016. He is currently responsible for immunology projects for biopharmaceutical products at New B Innovation Limited. He is also a Fellow of Institute of Biomedical Science (FIBMS) and a Member of Royal Society of Biology (MRSB). Anthony will share his passion in immunology, the road to DPhil, and the journey afterwards.


KWONG Chun Man

Oxford | Philosophy

Chun Man started reading for a DPhil in Oriental Studies in 2015. Before joining Oxford, he studied philosophy in CUHK and National Taiwan University. His research focus is on Zhuangzi's philosophy, especially the interplay between its literary forms and philosophical ideas. Alongside his research, Chun Man has also been running a philosophy outreach campaign called "Corrupt the Youth 好青年荼毒室". The campaign published over 100 article on its website and Facebook page, two books, held over 20 public talks, and collaborated with RTHK 31 to produce two seasons of philosophy talk show on Channel 31. Chun Man is one of the hosts of the TV programe.


Johnson KONG Chun San

Cambridge | Development Studies

Johnson is currently a policy researcher at Our Hong Kong Foundation, a leading policy think tank in Hong Kong. His research focus is enabling policies for Social Innovations particularly the development of social enterprises, sustainable finance, and social impact bond. Johnson is also an equality advocate. Researching the relationship between wealth equality and economic efficiency, he obtained his MPhil in Development Studies with Distinction from University of Cambridge. The fundamental idea of his thesis is that an efficient allocation of scarce resources requires an equality of ‘money votes’. With his research experience, Johnson believes a fruitful research journey requires a critical research attitude, both of the researcher himself and others. He developed an initial thought of his thesis at eighteen criticizing the concept of ‘value’ in economic textbooks.


Andy LAI Wang Chun

Cambridge | Climate Science

Andy Lai was passionate about weather and climate since young, and wanted to turn passion into career. Knowing a solid scientific background is a prerequisite, he did BSc Physics at Imperial College London (2012), MPhil Nuclear Energy Engineering (2013), and PhD in Climate Science at Cambridge University. He graduated in 2018, specialising in El Nino, a band of warm water that occasionally develops in the equatorial Pacific and affects global climate. Working for the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has been Andy's dream. He joined HKO in 2016 as a Scientific Officer, during which he was undertaking his final year PhD. He is now in a team responsible for weather forecasts, issuing warnings, and occasionally appearing on the news as a spokesperson.​ Be determined, and chase your dream!


Rina LAI Pak Ying

Cambridge | Pyschology and Education

Rina Pak Ying Lai obtained a B.A. in psychology at the University of British Columbia and graduated on the Dean’s List. She then proceeded to an MPhil program in psychology and education at the University of Cambridge, graduating with a distinction in both her course and her dissertation. Continuing as a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, she is now working in a multi-disciplinary research laboratory that applies cognitive developmental science to inform learning. In her research, she is passionate about discovering the cognitive underpinnings of computer science and STEM in an attempt to tackle the most relevant problem of the 21st century — computational thinking. In an effort to bring the latest research into practice, she co-founded LT Academy, an educational consultancy firm that designs innovative programs to help shape the future of education.


Queenie LI

Oxford | Fine Art

Graduated from Global Business Studies at the CUHK in 2013 with First Class Honours, Queenie quitted her Marketing careers in 2016 and is currently reading for a Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the University of Oxford in the title of HK Scholar, D.H.Chen Foundation Scholar and Fung’s Scholar. Queenie’s practice focuses on unpacking the post-colonial intricacy and the re-identification under the bigger sino-narratives of her hometown. She also explores ideas revolving around art-making and its relations to politics and the market, as well as pertinent dynamics bearing on control and coercion through collection of fragments of institutional critique. She practises a collaborative model with other specialists including composers, dance choreographers, physicists, engineers, etc., imagining a utopia of democratisation of art and the futility of such. She actively engages in journalism whilst her writing is featured in multiple publications such as the Hong Kong Economics Time (ET Net) and student newspapers including Cherwell and the Oxford Student. She is also a part-time researcher on the topic of Arts Inclusion and co-authored a public policy report in March 2018.


TSE Lee Shan

Cambridge | Social Anthropology

Lee-Shan is a second-year PhD student in the Social Anthropology Department at the University of Cambridge. She is currently doing ethnographic fieldwork in the global gateway of Hong Kong with diasporic migrant communities from mainland China. Her research interests include: mainland China-Hong Kong migration, globalization, housing crisis, making homes and belonging in cities, urban memory and affect. She has previously completed a fieldwork in at the Thai-Burmese Border with an organisation led by former political prisoners from Burma as an MPhil student in the same department.


13:00 – 13:10


13:10 – 13:40

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Susanne Choi Yuk Ping

13:40 – 15:00

Guest Speakers

  • Anthony CHEUNG Ka Lun (Oxford, Immunology)
  • Johnson KONG Chun San (Cambridge, Development Studies)
  • Rina LAI Pak Ying (Cambridge, Psychology & Education)
  • Sam CHAN Hau Sun (Oxford, Organic Chemistry)

15:00 – 15:20

Panel Discussion

Ups & Downs through our Research Journey
Our select panel of recent students will share reflections on their research journey

15:20 – 15:50


15:50 – 16:20

Keynote Speaker:
Prof. Dominic Chan Chi Bong

16:20 – 17:40

Guest Speakers

  • Andy LAI Wang Chun (Cambridge, Climate Science)
  • KWONG Chun Man (Oxford, Philosophy)
  • TSE Lee Shan (Cambridge, Social Anthropology)
  • Queenie LI (Oxford, Fine Art)

17:40 – 18:00

Panel Discussion

Practical Aspects (Funding & Applications)

Our select panel of recent students will discuss the Oxbridge application process

18:00 – 19:00

Closing & Drinks Reception

19:45 – 22:00


  • Location: Hong Kong Old Restaurant (Central/Sheung Wan)
  • Only those who registered separately may attend.


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